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“Cathie is a gifted and passionate presenter who always sparks listeners to either evaluate their current path or readjust their approach to working with children.  Her knowledge of developmental readiness and brain research is exhaustive yet she is able to distill the information into tangible take-aways. I appreciate Cathie’s commitment to her faith and using the gifts that God has blessed her with to further His kingdom.”

Barry Giller, Head of School, Charlotte Christian School

"Cathie Broocks has an extraordinary, God-given gift of wise and comprehensive insight and understanding into a child's mind and heart. She has served as an articulate instructor for our teachers and as an entertaining and enriching storyteller for our families. Cathie's depth of knowledge and her rich life experiences are significant and valuable contributions to the Body of Christ." 

Rev. Leslie Dibble, Westminster Presbyterian Church

“Cathie’s tender and gracious heart for children, teachers, and especially parents is so evident as she shares her passion for what is true in our current educational culture.  Whether you are a parent or educator (or both!), you will leave time with Cathie being challenged, encouraged, and prodded to approach children and their learning in a new way!”  

Sandy Pierce, TOT Time Administrator, New City Church

“I have attended multiple presentations by Mrs. Broocks. She is an outstanding speaker who combines a vast knowledge of her subject material with a passion for her subjects! Her presentations are engaging and easy to follow. It is clear to see and to hear her heart for those who love and work with young children.” 

Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Parent

"Our staff thoroughly enjoyed Cathie’s training. Her presentation joined topical child development information with great resources for our teachers, and all under a banner of Christian values!  We look forward to more opportunities to work together."


Leslie Gordon, Executive Director

Building Blocks, Early Education Centers

"Cathie Broocks is an inspiration to educators and parents as well as a consistent pioneer for child development. Her passion for preparing children to find their God given potential is palpable and will leave you motivated to approach child education in an enlightened manor. Cathie is a wonderful mentor with a gracious heart for learning and for those who work with children."

Elizabeth Angerson, Director, Sardis Weekday Preschool

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