Homemade Fun

During summer months parents want to

maintain their children’s academics skills but find a steady diet of camps and specialized programs expensive. Learning fun and enriching family times do not have to have a high price tag. They may however require planning and a parent’s renewed commitment to play! From language arts to math, the fun begins at home!

Enhanced Screen Time

Summer break is here...

Parental perspectives of these weeks that lack a static school-centered routine range from anticipation of unhurried family times to dread of the plaintive plea, “I’m bored!” Family vacations, Vacation Bible Schools and a variety of camps provide units of time which not only fill calendars but also...


The Dilemma of Summer Birthdays​

Summer birthdays provide fun options for party celebrations but prove challenging when considering the best time to start kindergarten. Some children miss school cut-off dates by days. Their parents ask, “With another year in preschool and being the oldest in class, will my bright child be bored?” Families with children who just...

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